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Collagraph Printmaking is the first book of Donald's and it was published in 1975 by Davis Publications in Worcester. It is basically a manual for people being interested in this kind of printing which was rapidly gaining popularity in 1970's. It contains numerous black and white photographs by Ralph Snow Mackenzie showing in detail Donald's hands going through all stages of described printing process. There also are color reproduction of Don's artwork. In the foreword, the author says:

"The first chapter is a condensation of the entire process od producing a collagraph print. In simplified form, the construction of the plate, the inking and wiping and the pulling of the finished print from the press are all covered so that the reader may grasp the principles of collagraphy at the outset.

The succeeding chapters treat each step of the process in detail, offering the reader as much information and as many alternative methods as possible. The reader may then choose from those that seem most sympathetic to his own nature.

These methods have evolved out of years of experience with students as well as the author's own work. It is my sincere hope that this book will be a source of a stimulation; a mine of ideas the reader may use as a base for further explorations into this challenging art form."

Donald Stoltenberg mentions several people in Acknowledgment of this work: "To my students, whose enthusiasm and enterprise has been so important in developing the ideas and techniques set forth in this book. To Ken Swallow, who aided in the preparation of the manuscript. To Davis publications for making this book possible."

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STOLTENBERG, Donald. Collagraph Printmaking. George F. Horn, Sarita R. Rainey; Ralph Snow Mackenzie; Jane Pitts. Worcester, Massachusetts : Davis Publications, 1975. 95 p. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 74-27699. ISBN 0-87192-067-0.





The Artist and the Built Environment is Donald's second book, published in 1980. Donald asked several colleagues to collaborate with him on this book in order to show different approaches to man-made objects.  Style of work of artists such as George Nick, Flora Natapoff or Sidney Hurwitz are closely watched, explained and compared to the style of other artists such as Edward Hopper, Fernard Leger, Lyonel Feininger and others (with reproductions). The chapters include Cityscapes, Buildings, Interiors, Construction and Demolition, Industrial, Transportation and Bridges. There is a large number of black and white reproductions as well as those in color.

Donald says about this book, in particular: "It is the artist's function to examine, digest and interpret our surroundings, to give us ways in which to react to them, evaluate them, and, in various ways, to come to terms with them. The artist can point out beauty where there seems to be none, can intensify moods or qualities that reveal the means to see, enjoy, and appreciate our conditions. The artist can help us to digest or grasp the welter of confusing and diverse forms that our increasingly built-up environment throws at us..."

A word of thanks for making this book possible goes to Sid Hurwitz for the steady encouragement he has given to this project, for the use of his work, exposure of his working methods, and especially for the time and effort he contributed to gather material for this book. Ralph Mackenzie for his fine photographic craftsmanship and keen eye in catching the essentials and nuances of the works in progress shown. Ken Bernstein and Greg Hein. George Nick and Flora Natapoff for allowing their working spaces to be invaded and for their individual contributions to the examples of method and realization shown in this book. Larry Webster for his photographic series and developing painting of the railroad bridge. Davis Publications, and in particular, Jerry Stashak for his continuing support and Martha Akstin and Beth Lyle for their assistance.

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You can order this book from Diane Publishing.

STOLTENBERG, Donald. The Artist and the Built Environment. J.S. McCarty Co., Inc. ; Jane Pitts ; Kingsport Press. Worcester, Massachusetts : Davis Publications, Inc., 1980. 150 p. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 79-53779. ISBN 0-87192-118-9.



Donald did illustration of the covers of these text books, too.

Bernard J. Rice; Jerry D. Strange. Technical Mathematics and Calculus. Prindle, Weber & Schmidt, 1983. ISBN 0-87150-376-X

Bernard J. Rice; Jerry D. Strange. Technical Mathematics. Prindle, Weber & Schmidt, 1973. ISBN 0-87150-327-1




This Town of Brewster report pictures the Crosby Mansion by Donald's hand. Built in 1888, "Tawasentha" is located on Crosby Lane off Route 6A across from Nickerson State Park in Brewster. There is a society called "The Friends of Crosby Mansion" who hold open houses occasionally. For more information, call Al Williams at 508-240-2338.




Being a long-time resident of Boston, MA, and being so closely related to things maritime and things structural and technical, Donald agreed with collaboration on Massport 1977 Annual Report. This quality-paper 12x12" publication contains a number of Donald's elaborate works of art. Large reproduction of Donald's prints and oil paintings (such as North End of Boston 1975, Old Ironsides 1976, Shipyard 1977 or Jet). It also shows smaller illustrations along the text, as shown below. The report was published by the Department of Public Affairs, MASSPORT, 99 High St., Boston, MAss. 02110. printed by Regal Litograph Inc.

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