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Tuesday, 17 July 2007 08:23

Painting with watercolors may be more interesting than you think. At least that's what I discovered, after one afternoon spent in Don's studio watching his magic on a white sheet of paper. It was quite exciting and very inspiring. I would never think Don can do it so fast! I was surprised how brutal Don works with the sheet of paper... and paper towels... oh, he must use tons of them!

I like to listen to Donald. His speech is very clear, and he doesn't use "you know" or "aaaah", as so many people these days. Also from hundreds of e-mails I can tell his English is very good, which pleases me, being a man who works with and does care about the language. Writing this text retrospectively, I can say we actually did talk with Donald about the use of language today. I will get to that later (in the chapter called Donald, personally).

Donald didn't try to act, didn't ask me whether I am ready to film or whether he should do this or that. He was just working and didn't really care what I was doing, I could go anywhere I wanted, climb any table or stand anywhere I wanted. It was exactly what I hoped for. I was always worrying a little about how will he accept somebody in the studio. Isn't the studio something like a sanctuary, after all?

The studio is located in a wing that was added to the house, specially designed to accommodate artistic needs - it is a well known fact that painters like to have northern light in their workshops. The studio is equipped with a large window, large table nearby that Don works on while painting watercolors, as well as large wall with lots of screws in it... for hanging the canvases while painting with oil. There are lots of drawers and closets with his artworks, Don's large printing machine (apparently not used very much nowadays, as it is covered with many items), and there are tools hanging on the wall in one corner, arranged very neatly. There is also a very large storage area below the ceiling, and many birdhouses find room there. I will place some pictures into the Production Photos section for a better idea.

(I am glad I made the Photos section work. I had great troubles installing any picture gallery into Joomla system. So I am now using an external gallery, Picasa by Google)

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