Birdhouses: "The Architect in me." Print
Tuesday, 17 July 2007 21:41

Donald is a man of many interests and one that loves to create. You might not know about another passions of his, such as building birdhouses. One of the things he learned from his father was working skills, because he had his own workshop in the basement of the house they lived in.

"I find it a nice change from painting, and the bird houses are in a way coming to terms with the architecture - which I never did," Donald says. There is a number of models of these houses in his yard, from very simple to quite elaborate. You can even find the Dracula's castle there. "With that it was a chance to do something romantic, it is made of red cedar, which is very durable." The actual bird house is actually just 6 inches cube. Donald made a couple of churches; and now he thinks of nothing smaller than a cathedral! He likes to put the bird houses outside as soon as they are finishes and then "it is very satisfying to know that they serve the purpose and birds like them."

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